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Write For Us – I appreciate your interest in contributing to We regularly have guest contributors on our Marketing Blog. Please read the following guidelines before posting a guest post on for review.

Marketing: Marketing refers to the activities of a company to promote the purchase or sale of a product or service. The art of telling stories is so intriguing that it causes people to lose track of their wallets. So, it is one of the main components of running and also trading a business.

Marketoblog Write For Us – What Are We Searching For?

We are looking for a group of young and passionate people to write interesting and also informative articles. The articles must be related to technology, business, SEO and also digital marketing topics for our blog and website. So whether you’re a starter or an expert, we’re here to inspire your ideas.

How do I submit the editorial?

To submit a contribution to, please email us your article at

Topics we consider

  • technology
  • Social media
  • Web design
  • Small business
  • SEO
  • Online Marketing
  • Offers
  • Mobile technology
  • Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Education
  • Digital advertising
  • Content marketing

Write For Us – Guest Posting Guidelines

Original, unique and relevant content will be considered. If you have published this article elsewhere, please submit it. We verify CopyScape and also Google before posting it.

  • Contributions must be between 700 and 2,000 words.
  • Images must have an original license. Hence, please do not infringe any copyright
  • Articles should be sectioned or divided and also easy to read.
  • We like the lists, tutorials, and tips for small businesses.
  • Finally, all post links should point to quality and also relevant websites.
  • Ideally, one link per 300 words, with a maximum of 2-3 links, including the author’s link.
  • We appreciate you linking to his post in your future articles. So write something worth linking to.

We are selective with the editorials we publish. Also, your content should be well-written, interesting, unique, and also informative.

How to Submit Your Guest Post?

To submit your posts as a guest, email us at

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