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Nanotechnology Write for us – Nanotechnology is a field of research and innovation related to constructing “things”. Generally uses materials and devices on the scale of atoms and molecules. A nanometer is one billionth of a meter: ten times the diameter of a hydrogen atom. The diameter of human hair is, on average, 80,000 nanometers. At some scales, the ordinary rules of physics and chemistry no longer apply. For example, the characteristics of materials, such as their colour, resistance, conductivity, and reactivity, can differ significantly between the nanoscale and the macroscale. Carbon “nanotubes” are 100 times stronger than steel but 6 times lighter.

What can Nanotechnology do?

What can Nanotechnology do?Nanotechnology is seen as having the potential to increase the efficiency of energy use, help clean up the environment, and solve major health problems. It is said to significantly increase manufacturing output at greatly reduced costs. Nanotechnology advocates say nanotechnology products will be smaller, cheaper, and lighter but more functional and require less energy and fewer raw materials to make.

The Global Market for Nanotechnology Products

The race is on to realize its potential and benefit from nanotechnology. Many governments believe that nanotechnology will usher in a new era of productivity and wealth, reflected in how public investment in nanotechnology research and development has increased over the past decade. In 2002, Japan spent $750 million a year in this area, six times more than in 1997.

Harmful Effects of Nanotechnology on Health and Sanitation

Harmful Effects of Nanotechnology on Health and SanitationNanotechnology is already useful as a tool in healthcare research. In January 2005, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US used “optical tweezers.” Pairs of tiny glass beads are pushed together or pulled apart using laser beams. This technique helps researchers better understand how malaria spreads in the body. The aim is to study the elasticity of red blood cells infected with the malaria parasite.

Conclusion: The Debate involved is the way forward for Nanotechnology

Calculating the role of nanotechnology and guiding its progress will require the cross-sectoral participation of scientists, governments, civil society organizations and the general public. Informed debate is essential to avoid the polarization of views exemplified by the issue of genetic modification. This “quick guide” aims to provide relevant information for those who wish to understand better and participate in this crucial debate.

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Why Write for Market O Blog – Nanotechnology Write for Us

Why Write for Market O Blog – Nanotechnology Write for Us

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