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What do you mean by Promotion?

Promotions Write For us – Promotion refers to various actions planned to raise greater awareness or advancement of an item. Thus, Promotion refers to advancing an employer’s rank or position in a ranked structure. In marketing, promotion refers to increasing intention on a product through advertising or a discounted price.

Understanding Promotions

Promotion can happen in several ways in business, marketing, and careers. The dictionary definition of promotion is the act of being elevated in a rank or position.1 This can occur in relation to people, products, or financial instruments.

An alternate definition is encouraging the growth or development of something. In many types of promotions, a company often contributes additional resources to further the growth of an item. For example, a company often promotes an employee to a new position by giving him a higher salary; Alternatively, a company can promote a product by paying a marketing fee.

All kinds of promotions are discretionary expenses. This means that promotions are not mandatory. However, a company will often conduct an evaluation before a promotion to analyze the benefits of the promotion against the costs. For example, the incremental salary cost for an employee may not be greater than the benefits that the promoted employee will bring.

Job Vacancies

A job promotion is typically awarded to an employee who has shown outstanding performance or has developed the skills and knowledge necessary to take on additional job responsibilities. In the latter case, the employee may need to work for a company for a while or hold a management position to be eligible for a promotion.

Types of Promotion


Help spread the word or awareness and promote any newly launched service, product or organization. Although, The company uses advertising as a promotional tool since it reaches many people in a matter of seconds. An advertisement is communicated through traditional media such as radio, television, outdoor advertising, newspapers or social networks. Social media, blogs, SMS, and websites are other contemporary media supporting advertising.

Direct Promotion

This type of advertising is where the company communicates directly with its customers. This communication is usually done through various new approaches such as email marketing, text messages, websites, brochures, online advertisements, promotional letters, catalogue distributors, etc.

Sale Promotion

It uses various marketing tools to communicate with customers and increase sales. However, it is used for a limited time to expand customer demand, upgrade market demand, and improve product availability.

Self Promotion

It is a process by which companies send their agents directly to customers to introduce them to their product or service. Here, the response to customer feedback is quick and, therefore, easy to build trust.

Public Relation

Popularly known as PR, it is exercised to disseminate information or messages among a company (NGO, government agency, company), an individual or an audience. A robust public relations campaign can be valuable to the business.

Online Promotion

This includes almost all elements of the promotional mix. From online promotion with pay-per-click advertising. Direct marketing by sending newsletters or emails.

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