The PS5 DualSense controller was a game-changer for Sony. With haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, this controller immerses gamers in the game in new ways.

Dualsense Wireless Controller for Playstation 5

People thought the DualShock 4 controller updates for PS4 were groundbreaking. Even better are the changes Sony has made to its next-gen controller for the PS5. In addition, PlayStation has gone to great lengths to improve the immersive experience for gamers.

Features of PS5 Controller



While it doesn’t look like it at first glance, the DualSense controller is essentially based on the PS4’s DualShock 4, which is the best controller in PlayStation history to date. But, of course, that takes everything to another level.

The colour has improved to a two-tone design to match the PS5 itself, while the volume has been boosted and rounded out a bit (almost Xbox-fit). However, the joysticks are in the exact location, and there is still a touchscreen at the top. A light bar also returns around the touchscreen instead of at the top.

Haptic Feedback

A new feature added to the DualSense controller is deep haptic feedback. Instead of the old sound pack found in controllers for many generations of games, the DualSense includes actuators that give the player more tactile and adaptive feedback to immerse them in a game better.

Even the most miniature in-game effects can give players more accurate feedback via the controller. For example, driving on ice in Dirt 5 is different from driving on gravel.

Adaptive Triggers

In addition to haptic feedback, the new controller uses adaptive triggers for the L2 and R2 buttons that resist your fingers for even more immersion.

These represent the greatest next-gen controller technology, with varying levels of force feedback that developers can implement in their games.

For example, when you pull a bowstring to shoot and fire an arrow, the trigger may be easy to remove but more brutal and requires more pressure as the string tightens. It’s something to see when you try the controller for the first time.

Battery Life

Another big issue for the PlayStation team was to improve battery life on the latest controller. It is perhaps one of the main caveats of the DualShock 4, and it’s great to have addressed it.

In our tests, we got around 12 hours of playback from the DualSense before it completely shut down. It included games that made heavy use of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. By comparison, the DualShock 4 managed around eight hours.

No Share Button

Yes, the share button is gone. However, it has been changed with a new Create button which is almost identical, even in the same place as before.

However, it is releasing a new Creation Studio tool which will give gamers much more control over their screenshots and recorded videos.

Built-In Microphone

Multiplayer/social gamers will like the new ability to chat in-game and with other players without the need for a headset, especially for short periods and when the voice quality is not. So important.

The DualSense has its microphone array built into the controller, plus, as before, a mono speaker. These are too use for in-game play, which the developers will no doubt explore more closely over time.

PS5 Controller Buttons

The design of the latest Playstation 5 controller is very reminiscent of the structure of the PS4 pads.

  • The directional pad with one button for up, left, right, and down is on the left.
  • Above that, there is the create button, with which, for example, photos can be taken and shared.
  • There are four function keys on the right side: triangle, circle, cross, and square. These have different tasks in games. For example, the cross is usually use to select or jump.
  • Above these keys is an options button that can return to the menu, for example.
  • In the middle of the controller is the trackpad. A map can be called up here in some games.
  • There are the two buttons on the front of the controller, L1 and L2, the left and R1 and R2 on the right parallel to them.
  • Equally essential and familiar are the two joysticks below the middle of the pad. These can also be press and assign the assignments L3 and R3.
  • Between the sticks is the familiar home button, which takes you back to the Playstation ‘s home menu.
  • Below this button, there is now the new mute button, with which you can mute yourself.

Other Innovations in the PS5 Controller

In addition to the new button, other features for the controller have also been added.

  • So far, the controllers are available in white, black and red.
  • Overall, the pad is more comprehensive and rounder.
  • Now the controller lights up around the trackpad and not in front.
  • The create button opens a smaller window than the share button on PS4 controllers. Here you can now also specify the image format.
  • The R2 and L2 buttons provide haptic feedback. As a result, games have an even better effect on the player and let him immerse himself more deeply.


Immersive innovations aside, the DualSense feels like a controller built for convenience. It is far more comfortable than the DualShock 4; Sony’s PS5 has a built-in microphone and a pleasingly solid D-pad and no longer ruins your game with a glare-emitting light.

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