PS5 Pro rumors – Rumors about the launch of the PS5 Pro gained strength when information shared by the RedGamingTech team detailed the alleged Sony project. According to experts, the console is in an advanced production stage and could reach the end of 2023. Containing approximately twice as much power as the base version.

The channel suggests a launch strategy like the PS4 when the Pro model hit stores three years later. However, in different circumstances, due to the pandemic, the manufacture of the chips of the new generation console may delay their distribution by a few months, pushing it to the beginning of 2024.

What is the PS5 Pro?

At the moment, the PS5 Pro is speculation and nothing more. Sony has not officially announced any successor to the PS5. Then again, a “mid-gen” console update wouldn’t be a surprise. The PS4 Pro was a pretty successful launch for Sony in 2016, 3 years after the original PS4 launched.

The PS5 Pro is nothing more than a rumour, but according to a recent story, it is supposedly coming in late 2023 or early to mid-2024.

PS5 Pro? Patent Indicates Sony Console with Two AMD Graphics Cards

The new generation consoles are already on the market, or almost that Sony has been dealing with the shortage of the two PS5 models it announced because the demand is so great. So there are already virtual queues and a gray resale market where the value of the console is sold at up to triple its official value.

The Japanese company already seems to be moving forward with its following inventions. Of course, a company is expected to launch hardware revisions focused on making the console more compact or more potent in the same generation. And a patent shows what Sony intends to do next with the PlayStation brand.

The company designs a console with two graphics cards and more RAM to deal mainly with cloud activities. It could mean that a PS5 Pro is already being developed, even though it has no official date.

PS5 Pro can be up to 2.5x More Powerful

PS5 Pro can be up to 2.5x More Powerful

The gaming channel talks about some possible console features but without a precise basis from where the information was taken a technical sheet, or guesswork. Among what was said, we highlight “the console speed being around double that of the base PS5 version. And can be increased with ray-tracing on, getting close to 2.5x more power.”

If the values ​​are accurate, we will know more in the future. But, for now, let’s understand how acceptable the numbers given by RedGamingTech are, as the “Pro” version of anything needs to be better than the previous one.

PS5 Pro may be up to 2.5x more powerful, but among all assumptions, ray-tracing would be Sony’s focal point for the model technology already known in PC games, being loaded to a high-end console like It is the case.

Ps5 Pro Theme

When the PS5 was unveiled, its design was an instant conversation piece; all the black and white contrast and those big wingtips make it an even more imposing installation on any TV stand or counter.

It goes for both the standard and digital versions. Which cuts the reader off from those who don’t want or need it. However, this raises an interesting question regarding whether the next version of the PS5 will retain the same aesthetic?

Based on the PS4 Pro precedent, we think it should stay the same. But we’re curious to see if it will  bigger, given that the PS5 is already quite large, or if it manages to extract even more power. A smaller frame.

Ps5 Pro Specifications

The PS5 is a powerful console, evidenced by the exclusives hosted to date, with graphical highlights in Demon’s Souls, Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart, and more.

When the PS4 Pro launched, it had a pretty clear selling point in its 4K capabilities. Which the base PS4 couldn’t handle.

This kind of simple USP isn’t as obviously available for a PS5 Pro, even this early in its cycle. You can tell that 4K output with graphical flourishes like ray tracing is a real drag on the PS5. Just like the Xbox Series X

PS5 Pro Prize and Release Date

The PS5 Pro is the main potential for the name used. People will be the prize that the PlayStation carries.

The current PS5 is priced at £450 / $499 / €499, but it’s pretty hard to find. But it’s also worth paying for top dollar.

I agree that the PS4 Pro consistently costs around £100/$100/€100 more than the base PS4 over its respective lifetime. However, I suggest you could figure out a similar amount.


The PS5 Pro is nothing more than a rumor. But a recent report has suggested it could arrive in late 2023 or early to mid-2024. The news comes from the RedGamingTech YouTube channel.

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