Decorating your home with LED lights is a perfect idea, and the house is looking great with LED. But, are you looking to innovate in your home? Do you want your home to look its best? An excellent solution to innovate and see that your home becomes a pleasant place is to place LED lights in the different parts of the house.

Importance of LED lights

In recent years, LED lights have gained considerable importance in interior design. This new technology that has been known for a few years has excellent advantages. First of all, it has a wide variety of colour ranges, which greatly benefits changing the appearance of any environment. By placing an LED strip in your house, you can make it look magnificent.

On the other hand, this technology has the great advantage of consuming very little electricity. It is not only an advantage in terms of aesthetics, but it also benefits the environment, saving a large amount of energy. Unlike standard lights, LED strips have a meagre consumption.

At the same time, they give a great luminosity to the different environments since they have great power. Likewise, if you do not want it to have great power, you can regulate them so that they look the way you like the most.

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How to Place the LED Light?

Before giving our suggestions about the best places to place LED strips in your home, we think it is good to review the installation issue. Although this is a simple task, it never hurts to remember to consider when placing them.

LED strips are sold by the beat and in different colors. Once you buy this product, you will realize that these lights come with their respective controllers, splice pieces (in case you need to make cuts), and their power supply, where they will be connected.

Before placing them, you must choose the place where you are going to install the LED strips. Thus, you will be able to see the corresponding measures to place the lights in the correct way where they will go.

Next, we must make the union if you need to make cuts. For this, you will use the splices that come with the product. In this case, you can combine the lights of different colors, according to your tastes and preferences.

Once you have made the corresponding joints, you must remove the protective strip to be able to stick the LED strips in the place you have chosen. We must remove them carefully to place them correctly.

The Best Ideas to Place LED Strips in Your Home

there are various places in your home to place LED strips. Thus, you can improve the environment in which you live seriously. Here we show you different sectors in which the LED strips can be in the best possible way.

Living Room


One of the best places to locate LED strips in your home is your living room. Here, you can place them high up on the walls to make different sets of lights that renew your home in a significant way.


Another good option for those who have balconies or gardens in their home is to place them in these places. You can use them at night to define the contours and create a romantic atmosphere. Many models have rain protection.


Another of the best places to place LED strips is the kitchen. Again, you can improve the lighting, especially in tall furniture where the light from the kitchen does not reach. It is also ideal for cupboards where there is little light to find all the utensils easily.

Stairs or Corridors

An excellent option to locate the LED strips is the stairs or corridors. As for the stairs, with the LED strips, you can improve the aesthetics of your home. Regarding the galleries, you can place them high up to illuminate them since this place does not usually have great lighting.


Finally, one of the best places for LED strips is the bedroom. Many people use it in their closets to better see their clothes. You can also use them at the head of the bed or on the sides to replace nightstands.

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Some studies suggest that the white light generated by LED lamps inhibits the secretion of the hormone melatonin in humans, which is only produced in the dark and is essential to regulate the biorhythms of the every person and human body. And it’s true, but not entirely. Any light contamination affects melatonin production, even that of the sun. These LED lights are presented as the most versatile and easiest to adapt to the different lighting needs depending on the time of day and the task performed.

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