Instagram is more than ten years old and is one of the applications that has evolved since its creation. Instagram is also the perfect place for brands as it is a medium to involve their clients sensitively and organically.

Screens are getting larger while consumers’ attention span is getting shorter. So it’s no longer enough to show up on every platform; turn your followers into fans with a more vital social media content strategy in 2022.

Instagram for Business

We’ve rounded up some of our upper Instagram for Business. This year’s social posts will help you and your team make consistent, fresh, and engaging content for your audience all year.

1. Learn to Photograph Products Like A Pro

Learn To Photograph Products Like A Pro

You’ve already created quality products that your consumers love. Now it’s time to make definite they look great on your feed. How to photograph products like an expert using just your phone.

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  • Establish a light source to highlight your product
  • Choose the right background
  • Use props to provide a story to your product photos
  • Stage and re-stage
  • Show products in use to help storytellers your customer’s point of view

2. Get your Community Involved

Your viewers want to see you win. Attracting your community to help share your brand’s story on their accounts is a great way to benefit and reach new fans and customers. Start driving user-generated content strategies to get your audience excited about joining the fun.

  • Start a hashtag for your product and encourage your fans to use it
  • Celebrate your community by showcasing their content in your feed and stories
  • Create posts your viewers will want to share with their stories

3. Spruce Up your Feed

Have you ever seen a gorgeous Instagram feed and wondered what makes it alluring? Earlier this year, Justina Blakeney, the founder and creative director of the nature-inspired home decor shop Jungalow shared simple tips on giving your content more creative direction and style.

  • Fill the screen space to catch the attention.
  • Find what connects your community to your brand. Then, could you test it out with your future posts?
  • Include a solid and clear CTA
  • Create more vital branding with consistent image colouring treatment
  • Keep your feed neat with small photography and design effort

4. Batch your Content

Consistency is essential when telling your story on Instagram, but keeping up with posting may feel daunting. So as you tackle a new year, try creating content in batches to maintain a regular schedule.

  • Create a monthly content ideas document and categorize them into content pillars
  • Check that the content you want aligns with your marketing strategy
  • Set aside time to create your content uninterrupted
  • Create a plan for the preparation and posting of content

5. Experiment with New Video Techniques

Do you want to study how to make eye-catching videos that grip your followers’ attention? Check out this tutorial for three easy changes that’ll add some magic to your reels.

  • The Camera Tap: Use your palm to cover and also uncover new change
  • Motion Magic: Snap to change
  • The Pan: Pan up and return to the original position to reveal a recent change

Benefits of Having a Digital Marketing Strategy on Instagram

Instagram has the possibility of promoting and taking your brand to another level, but there is still more. Now I will tell you some benefits of Instagram for companies and how to include this social network in your digital marketing strategy.

Brand Creation and Promotion

One of the positive aspects of Instagram is that it allows brands to define their identity and reinforce their corporate values. So, for example, if a company makes a publication with photos accompanied by its corporate colours and elements, its audience will feel more attracted and identify with what they are looking at; they will feel familiar.

It is essential that, as a company, you take advantage of the tools of this social network to give your audience valuable content that is attractive, dynamic, and of interest.

Increased Traffic to the Business Website

As we mentioned initially, Instagram has more than 1,000 million active users, which is increasing due to the benefits of using Instagram for companies. It allows companies to redirect users to their website, blog, or online store, thus increasing traffic. However, Instagram does not allow direct clicking on links, so it will be necessary to add the URL of your web page in the biography of your Instagram profile, in the location, or in stories.

Wide Spread

Instagram can link to other social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. This action allows the content to reach more people, and the coverage is more significant.

Interaction and Feedback

Through Instagram, companies can interact with their audience in real-time, understand their concerns and receive feedback to improve. Hashtags are a strong point since users can share their experiences through brand hashtags. In addition, you will be capable of getting to know your customers better, an added value for any business.

Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads allow you to create visual aids that will allow you to humanize your brand and reach new audiences. Thanks to it, companies ensure visits to the profile and the objectives of the strategy they have established, segmenting the public they want to reach.

Advanced Segmentation

Closely related to the previous point, Instagram has very advanced segmentation options to create an audience that it impacts with Instagram Ads. If you’ve ever worked with Facebook Ads, you know what we’re talking about.

Shopping from Instagram

Did you see that about a third of Instagram users use social networks to shop? This platform will allow you to promote your products through tags on the photos and direct the user directly to the purchase.


Instagram came to light in 2010 as just another social network, but it currently has millions of users worldwide and has various tools to increase visibility. For this reason, companies are committed to this social network and include it in their digital marketing strategy as an essential part.

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