Women’s hair – It says that in the variety, there is beauty, and that is precisely what happens to us with our hair(women’s hair); If there is something that characterizes us or makes us look attractive, it is our hair. Therefore, although everything must be said to make it look as it deserves, we must give it the care and attention it deserves.

To achieve this, we must know what kind of hair we have to see the different types of hair and their main characteristics. Also, let them know how best hair growth products for african american women.

Types of Women’s Hair

Normal Hair

It is identified as tame, shiny, silky hair because it produces the necessary fat and is not dry but not oily; it is undoubtedly the type of hair every woman wants. Furthermore, it is such healthy hair that it does not need special care. Only by keeping it clean does it look spectacular, hydrated, and full of life.

Curly Hair

Curly Hair

This type of hair is bulky with a lot of bodies. In addition, it has a defined shape of S. In some types of curly hair, S is huge, which creates more open and separated waves. And in others, some S is small, which makes the curls more delicate and much more defined, making the mane look more abundant.

As it depends a percentage on the weather, it is prone to damage and frizz when there is a lot of humidity due to a lot of rain, snow or excessive wind,

On the other hand, it is usually dry, especially in times of high heat, so it needs to be continuously hydrated with products specific and what we consume.

Wavy Hair

It is hair that can be thick or thin but is less defined than the type of curly hair and, therefore, less dry since being a half-wave keeps more moisture. So we can say that its shape is between smooth (straight) and curly; it is a middle ground.

Its problem is that it tangles easily, and it is this detail can lead a person with curly or wavy hair to dry combing, this is one of the worst mistakes.

We can make it because when we comb this type of dry hair, we break with the pattern of S they have, and the results are unpleasant.

Straight or Smooth Hair

Its fall is entirely straight, and it has minimal volume. However, many of this hair has an incredible shine since they have great natural hydration; it is easy to comb. Generally, it is neither excessively greasy nor very dry. However, there are those who with these manes do have these problems.

Excessively smooth hair (women’s hair) is difficult to curl or curl; Its advantage is that it is a very resistant hair; the weather situations do not usually affect it much because its strong constitution makes it a strong hair.

Dry Hair

This hair is a real headache for those with it because it is fine hair with very little fat and, therefore, easy to break. As a result, it curls easily, and instead of feeling silky or smooth, it has a curly effect, with the tips wide open and battered.

But do not worry if you get down to work, you can improve this situation; We must recognize that to achieve this, you have to arm yourself with patience,

Set your goal to change your habits of beauty and health, as well as be willing to invest in your person and appearance.

Greasy Hair

As its name implies, excess fat is one of its main characteristics. Some people have fatty scalp by nature.

For example, in young people during puberty and many women due to menopause.

Many women who have oily hair say it is a real challenge and sometimes even annoying since, in a short time, they look dirty because the excess fat and sebum make it look dull and denser. And with the appearance that you have been without washing it even if you did it a day or two before.

What is your Hair Type?

Without a doubt, there is an excellent variety of women’s hair types. Although we have not mentioned them all, if we can ensure that our hair type is one of the aspects that defines and identifies us, we must give it the care it deserves because we should all love our hair.