In this analysis of the Samsung Galaxy S8, we tell you in-depth our opinion after trying this mobile. It is one of the phones of the year, and due to its characteristics, it offers things that few competing alternatives can match.

The Best Samsung Mobile

The Best Samsung Mobile

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the best Samsung mobile. It does not matter what opinions we may have about its screen. It’s design or its camera because any analysis we make of this phone is based on the fact that this year the South Koreans have put their best on the table to give life to one of the best phones of the year It arrives to compete in the price range of 809 euros, but… is it really above what Apple, Huawei, LG or Sony offer right now?

This analysis of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is exceptional for several reasons. First, because we have already tested the Samsung Galaxy S8+. The older brother of the new Galaxy S8 family that left us with such a good taste during the review; second, because this particular model is much more compact and manageable with one hand, something that its older brother could not boast of; and third because, after all, we are only one phone away from closing our review of the reviews of the best phones of the year. And that remaining phone is precisely Samsung’s Galaxy S8.

What is Special About this Mobile?

We will analyze it thoroughly in this review, but we start from the basis. That the first thing that attracts attention in the new Samsung mobile is the screen. It’s a corner-to-corner display, what the company calls the Infinity Display, and it’s such a unique feature because it introduces an entirely new aspect ratio to the mobile phone industry 18.5:9 vs at 16:9 that we were used to seeing until now.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is also notable for its Bixby intelligent assistant. Which is exclusive to Samsung and comes to replace the Google assistant; It is an exceptional phone for its camera, which instead of betting on a dual-sensor. Turns out to be a slightly improved version of the S7 Edge camera; and, unfortunately, it is also unique because of the position of its fingerprint reader, which is on the back, but not below the camera as in the Huawei P10 or LG G6, but to one side of the sensor.


Before talking about the most controversial section of the design of this mobile. Let us first dedicate a few words to the sensations that this phone transmits in hand. I personally have had the opportunity to test the Galaxy S8 + for weeks thoroughly. And the feeling I was left with was that, even as a staunch lover of large mobiles, the Plus model was  too big for me day today

The Samsung Galaxy S8, as far as its dimensions are concerned, is the perfect mobile both for lovers of mobiles. And for those looking for a more adjusted size terminal. And I insist that this is said by someone who would never have considered choosing the “small” version of a phone over the larger variant.

This S8 is the perfect mobile by size for several reasons. First, forget for an instant that we are talking about a terminal that has a 5.8-inch screen. Because due to its dimensions ( 148.9 x 68.1 x 8 mm ), this device is somewhat comparable with models of little more than five inches, such as the Honor 9 (5.15″, 147.3 mm long), the Nokia 5 (5.2″, 149.7 mm long) or the Meizu M5 (5.2″, 147.3 mm long).


We have to say it one more time at the risk of sounding repetitive. In this Samsung Galaxy S8, we find a 5.8-inch screen on a mobile that measures exactly 148.9 millimetres. That’s two millimetres shorter in length than the S7 Edge (150.9mm, 5.5″). Nearly ten millimetres shorter than the iPhone 7 Plus (158.2mm, 5.5″), and much less elongated than the iPhone 7 Plus. The Mate 9 (156.9mm, 5.9″). In other words: it’s a massive screen in a mobile body that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. But that comes at a price.

The Galaxy S8 has so many screens in such a small size because it incorporates fewer frames than the competition, which is undoubtedly true. However, Samsung has used a screen format that we have not seen on the market until now: the 18 5:9. Except for LG, with its 18:9 format screen, practically no other manufacturer had dared to launch a mobile with a screen whose format was different from the usual 16:9 format. At least until the arrival of the new Galaxy S8.

Camera: The Best Android Camera On The Market

Samsung has not wanted to risk in the photography section of its flagship, and instead of venturing to experiment. For the first time with dual camera technology something that, at the earliest, the South Koreans reserve for the Note 8. What they have done in the Samsung Galaxy S8 has been to incorporate the same camera as in the S7 Edge. A 12 megapixel Dual Pixel sensor with f/1.7 aperture, optical image stabilizer ( OIS ) and 4K video recording, among many other features.

But identical, what is said identical, the truth is that the cameras of the new Galaxy S8 compared to the S7 Edge are not. There has been minimal development in the model of the sensor that incorporates the camera. And even though, on paper, the technical specifications of both cameras remain identical. Samsung also boasts some software corrections that aim to position. The S8 as an of the best Android cameras on the market


The Samsung S8 is a complete phone. Although there have logically been more S Series phones over the years, this team was groundbreaking in its time. Since it eliminated the classic Samsung Home button on its J models and even the S7. The camera is much better than several of the current A-series, it has an optical stabilizer, and it shows.