There is an extensive list of plants that bring good energy and can purify the environment and absorb bad energies such as the evil eye or envy. These plants are usually leafy, have pleasant fragrances, give the home constant serenity and take care of your mental health.

Which Plants Provide Good Energy to Us?

Next, we discuss some plants that provide good energy and help reduce anxiety and stress. And give a touch of colour and light to your home. It is necessary to clarify that these plants are natural, and you must give them some attention throughout the day.

Rosemary Brings Good Energy

Rosemary is a reference for indoor plants that give good energy. Its perfume purifies the air, freeing the house from evil thoughts and helps physical well-being.

Did you recognize, for example, that the smell of rosemary improves memory, combats fatigue and prevents sleep disorders? Some use it for therapeutic purposes, as it can strengthen the immune system. One of the plants that bring luck at work is ideal to have next to your desk when you are telecommuting.


In addition to being a plant with numerous health benefits, mint has always been used to ward off evil eyes and envy. Therefore, it is known as the plant of well-being and overcoming, and some say it attracts economic prosperity. Spiritually, mint is a safe choice during Mercury retrograde periods, when you need to maintain faith and certainty that the future will bring you good things.



Although many want to do without it, eucalyptus is one of the plants that provide positive energy. Placing it under the bed will help you sleep, and breathe better. And protect you from people who constantly complain and lack self-esteem.

If you are about to get on an important business, eucalyptus can also help. As for decoration, this plant is suitable for making arrangements in pots or vases.


Do you want to ward off bad vibes from your environment? Ironically known as witches’ grass, Rue is one of the best plants to attract good energy and ward off envy. But it is also used for therapeutic purposes.

One could even say that rue leaves have magical properties that prevent cell ageing and promote the entire body’s well-being. This plant can reach a height of 80 centimetres and is easy to grow, especially in pots placed in well-lit areas.


Synonymous with purity in the East, the lotus flower is an aquatic plant that has been used since the dawn of humanity to bring good energy to the environment.

While the yellow lotus flower increases happiness, the red lotus flower is said to intensify compassion. With this plant, you will learn to face problems better and realize that there is always a positive side.

In addition, it serves as a natural repellent for flies, mosquitoes and other pests, so the beds in your garden will always be clean and beautiful.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a plant that absorbs negative energies in any house room. The Egyptians called it the plant of immortality and hung it from doors to ward off evil spirits. In addition to purifying the air and releasing a lot of oxygen during the night, aloe vera dispels fears and worries.

You can prepare an aloe vera bath with its leaves since the gel inside helps calm. Prevent acne’s appearance and combat skin dehydration.

Tree of Happiness

Originally from Polynesia and Malaysia, this small bush with solid roots will ward off negative energies from your home.

Having male and female Happiness Trees together allows for a balance of Yin and Yang energies. However, for better maintenance, you should place them in rooms with a lot of space to enable them to grow without obstacles. And to maintain soil moisture, watering must be constant.


The chrysanthemum is a well-known and widely cultivated plant in public gardens. Its flowers are common in decoration but also bring good energy to homes.

Green chrysanthemums increase vitality, white chrysanthemums promote sincerity, and purple chrysanthemums help those who spend a lot of time studying. It is one of the lucky plants that cannot be missing in your office or bedroom.

The greater the range of colours, shapes and sizes, the more likely chrysanthemums to offer a complete sense of well-being. These plants also reduce headaches, and by using their petals as an infusion, you obtain a natural tonic for the skin.


Adding houseplants to your home helps bring a touch of nature indoors. Which is mainly helpful when you’re fixed inside due to weather, travel restrictions or poor health.

The correct houseplants improve living spaces by adding a decorative element. Even better, some indoor plants have unique qualities that benefit their owners.