Lose weight is a complex task that many people resist. Yet, 90% of the queries we attend share this same desire. What is the most effective method? What feeding guidelines should you follow? How many calories should you eat? Should you take products to lose weight? You may have tried it on other occasions, they may have gone very well, or you may not have the expected result. There is no correct way to eat; we should not all eat the same. Although there is something familiar: it must be done in a healthy, educational course that persists over time. Then I will tell you how we work in the slimming processes and how we understand that we must do it to be successful.

How to Start a Diet to Lose Weight?

The initial approach before starting a weight loss regimen is critical. That is why in the first visit, we will analyze together 5 points that we consider essential to face the process successfully:


Setting an objective is the first point before starting. What do you want to achieve? Think about what you want to achieve. Some examples can be:

  • Lose weight.
  • Back to my old weight.
  • Lose belly fat.
  • Lose 5 kg.
  • Eliminate cellulite.
  • Lose fat and gain muscle.
  • lose volume


Having confidence that you will achieve it is essential, but it is not always possessed. If you have done other diets that have failed, your faith in achieving the goal will likely be diminished. Therefore, it is essential to set a realistic, achievable goal and find the necessary support. If you lack self-confidence, you can rely on a dietitian-nutritionist to help you achieve what you set out to do.

Maybe the lack of self-confidence does not come when it comes to losing weight but when it comes to maintaining it. You may have lost weight without problem many times, but adversities appear to support the weight you want. To succeed, it must be clear that after the slimming diet comes to the maintenance diet, the process does not end when the substantial weight is reached.


Is this the first time you have decided to go on a diet? Think about what factors you think might stand in the way of your success. Have you done other regimens, but it has not turned out as you expected? Hence ask yourself what has failed in your previous weight loss processes.

For example, some of the most common obstacles can be Bad work schedules, lack of time, lack of kitchen skills, social and family life, being hungry, having anxiety about food, not being able to play sports, food that you recommend don’t like, etc.


Having strong motives will help you not to give up. First, you must ask yourself: Why do I want to lose weight? What benefit will it bring me? You are probably looking to recover your health, feel better about yourself, be able to put on the clothes you have in your closet, complete a sports event, gain confidence and self-confidence, or maybe you are getting married next year and also want to look good in photos. In answer to the question, are your main motivations. You must keep them in mind throughout the process to maintain the desire and strength of the first day. If your personal or health situation changes during treatment, we will have to analyze new motivations to continue.


Ending up satisfied with the results depends on your expectations. So we help you analyze what you can achieve and how long you can do it. During all the follow-up checks that we carry out, we set small objectives, and we talk about the expectations that are created to ensure, on the one hand, that “you get what you expect” and that “you expect what you can get”.

What is the Most Effective Diet to Lose Weight?

Protein, Paleolithic, of the blood group, dissociated, without carbohydrates, with slimming pills. Which is the most effective? We run away from miracle diets Instead, we work with a healthy balanced, and hypocaloric diet. How do we get you to lose the proper weight? For starters, with an easy-to-follow guideline. Our diets are open; we do not make closed menus. We only use the menus and recipes to give you ideas and help you not get bore with what you eat.

How to Lose Weight Fast and in a Healthy Way?

We all want to lose weight fast, but not that our health is harm. This desire to touch your goal in a short time can be a bit mental and generate prospects that are not going to be met. What is fast weight loss for you? For each person going fast, normal or slow is quantified differently. And also it really should be not all people are skill in losing the same kilos in the same period. What may seem slow to one may be optimal to another. For this aim, it is essential to discuss what you can achieve with your dietitian.

A healthy weight loss of 2 to 4 kg per month is consider, although sometimes the result may be more or less, which does not mean it is wrong.


Combining a healthy diet with a lively lifestyle can help a person maintain a moderate weight. Planning meals and shopping is beneficial for positive weight loss. Including calories may not be the only useful tactic to weight loss. A weight loss program is more successful when an individual adapts it to their individual requirements.