Eye makeup – When you are not a makeup professional, finding the makeup that best suits you is trial and error. However, today we have precious resources on the Internet that save us much of the work (and somewhat another disaster). What eye shadow colour suits me best? Where do I apply each shade? How should the eyeliner shape be so that it favours my eye?”

The truth is that the answer to all these questions will depend on the type of each eye. The shape, the size, the distance that separates them, their proportion to the size of the face, the colour of the iris, the space of the eyelids, the shape of the eyebrow, etc. Because there is no identical face to another, each eye makeup must be personalized based on these parameters.

Eye Makeup According to its Shape

Eye Makeup According to its Shape

Round Eyes

To enhance the dreamy and happy expression, you should make them up respecting their shape, with soft and diffuse shadows. But suppose you intend to simulate an almond shape. In that case, the makeup artist recommends drawing a fine “eyeliner” from the tear duct, gradually thickening it until you reach the outer end.

Above the waterline, a dark pencil eyeliner also helps almond the eye, while a light shade could round it too much.

Almond Eyes

The almond shape can be understood as ideal for eye makeup. They are very balance eyes with a mobile eyelid size proportional to the upper one. Which lends itself to all kinds of styles, both for weird looks, smoky eyes, and graphic makeup, stylized with «eyeliner» and marked basin.

Slanted Eyes

They characterize the oriental race and are differentiated by a practically non-existent basin. Creating a unique eyelid effect, as well as the eyelid crease, which joins the lash line and overlaps the tear duct.

The lack of differentiation between the mobile and the upper eyelid limits makeup possibilities. Making it difficult to reinforce the socket. The shade that best suits this eye is the smoky eye, Grading the colour from the beginning of the upper lash to the top of the socket.

Ascending Eyes

They add a lot of energy to the look and are very dynamic, but an excessive lift can create an aggressive expression. Depending on the inclination of the eye, it is recommended to use shadows below the bottom line to compensate for its orientation, achieve a more horizontal look, and soften the look.

You can also moderate the effect by rounding with eyeliner in the centre of the mobile eyelid.

Droopy Eyes

Unfortunately, a frequent characteristic, especially in advanced ages, is often considered a defect because it creates atony and sadness.

Droopy eyes are easily corrected, making them look more dynamic and brighter. While light shadows are used on the top of the upper lid to tone it. The shape of the eye is transformed with eyeliners such as pencils or eyeliners, which are outlined upwards to counteract drowsiness.

Using a dark pencil inside the waterline also slows down its fall. Regarding the mascara, it is necessary to evaluate whether to apply it on the lower line because it could accentuate the eye’s fall.

Sunken Eyes

It refers to eyes that significantly retract within the eye socket. As a result, they usually have a rounded shape. In some cases, the effect of sunken eyes is due to an excessively projected superciliary arch (that of the banana).

They are usually complicated to make up because they are perceived as dark due to their depth. They are generally accompanied by highly pigmented circles under the eyes. Therefore, the main job lies in brightening the sights or, more importantly, not darkening them under any pretext. In pigmented dark circles, use pink (for bluish tones) or orange (for greenish tones) correctors, depending on the skin colour; They immediately light up your eyes.

The Importance of Eyebrows

In addition to determining the eye makeup according to its shape, you have to consider the eyebrows’ role, as it is essential in the expressiveness of the eyes. We can shade or join, harden the look, raise them, illuminate, separate or refine them, sweeten the expression, etc. Therefore, to determine the corrections of an eyebrow, it is necessary to consider the colour, inclination, location, thickness and shape.

The space between the eyebrows should correspond approximately to the size of an eye. They illuminate the gaze when they are located high on the superciliary arch. While they harden when they invade the upper eyelid and approach the eye socket.

Eye Makeup According to Color

Any of the size and shape of the eye, the colour of the iris plays a vital role:

  • If your eye is blue and you are passionate about blue shadows, look for blues that contrast a lot. That is, very dark or very light, although, without a doubt. All the shades with red in their mix will be the most flattering for you.
  • If your eyes are green, all the colours of shadows derived from orange and reddish favour them.
  • Browns can also be made up with any other shade. As long as it harmonizes with the colour environment of the rest of the person.


The joy of eye makeup is that the colour and style combinations are endless. While you can use whatever colour pallet and kind you prefer. The methods for applying your chosen products can help you attain any one of these eye makeup looks.

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