What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is a highly effective marketing strategy using mobile messages to communicate with your customers. Mobile phones allow you to keep in touch with customers, day or night, in a much more agile way and at much less expensive than if you did it by direct mail, for example. But it will only be efficient, of course, when used correctly. Abuse would only drive away potential customers.

How to do SMS Marketing Efficiently?

How to do SMS Marketing Efficiently_

Pay Close Attention to Spelling

It doesn’t matter that your text is only 160 characters. It must be very well written. Writing well is one of the essential factors in any marketing, and it is even more decisive in a text of only 160 characters. After all, you already have so little space to get a message across, and are you still going to waste and ruin that space with spelling and grammatical errors?

Keep in mind that if the message you send is not well written, customers will not take it seriously. And there is another factor to increase your concern about writing correctly today is that many scams are applied through SMS.

Send SMS only During Business Hours.

If you wake up a prospect at 6:35 am on the weekend, you can be sure you won’t get a customer but a detractor. No matter how unmissable the proposal offered in your message is, the user will be in a bad mood for having bothered with the notice at an inopportune moment and will not even pay attention. Therefore, use common sense and send SMS only at appropriate times.

Say a Resounding No Spam.

Remember that you want to draw attention to a product or service of your company, which is very different from begging for it or making it uncomfortable. Therefore, avoid spam altogether. It can even block the company number, and it won’t be easy to re-establish contact.

Encourage Consumer Action within a Specific Time Frame

If you tend to delay until you can no longer perform an activity, we have news: this is normal, and your client does it too. Procrastination is a disease that affects a large part of the population. Thus, if you set an expiration date for your client to do something, the chances that they will not put it off and act faster will increase exponentially, and thus the message will reach its target.

Go Straight to the Point in Each Message

For obvious reasons, the ability to synthesize is essential when designing SMS Marketing campaigns. You have few characters to convey an idea, so make good use. On the other hand, do not “embellish” too much and get the desired message immediately.

Take Advantage of Moments of Opportunity

A purchase, a login on the page, your customer’s birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or commemorative dates connect with your customer or prospect via SMS at moments that stimulate an action or reaction after receiving a message on the cell phone.

Keep an eye on which commemorative dates best match your client’s profile and which moments would be ideal for giving them that “push” by SMS to complete an action or remember your company.

Respect the Client’s

If your client doesn’t want to receive SMS, don’t insist. This insistence on spamming can further alienate you from the company. Your brand loses respect and consideration when it starts to get annoying, and you don’t want that to happen.

The adverse effects of not respecting the client’s wishes do not end there. You will make that dissatisfied user “infect” the leads, basically with ” reverse recommendation marketing. ”

Offer Discount Coupons

It is one of the most acceptable ways to attract leads and increase sales. But unfortunately, one of the main reasons for cart abandonment is customer indecision. And the best way to combat this indecision is to offer good incentives to buy.

A discount coupon, even more so if combined with tip six and offered at an opportune moment (like this moment of indecision), can make your prospect finally complete that purchase that was already creating a spider web in the cart.

Encourage Customer Loyalty

A successful business involves not only getting customers but also retaining them. And the second part is undoubtedly the most difficult. Remember that just as you are not loyal to a store unless it deserves it. Your customer will not continue buying from yours unless they are encouraged to do so.

And the truth is, you can’t eliminate your competitors, but you can outshine them and make yourself unique to your customer. So, therefore, have a differential with competitors and provide some advantage to customers that generate preference for your company.

Remember the Customer’s Birthday

Remember the customer, and he will remember you. Sending “kudos” is a great way to show how your company truly values ​​customers, not just seeing them as numbers. Of course, you can still use this technique along with the tip mentioned in point 9 and offer gift coupons for the birthday boy!

It is how you work in business communication and break that barrier of seriousness and distance between company and client.

Make Good Use of Your Customer Base

Encourage prospects to complete registrations with the phone number to nurture them later with your SMS marketing strategy. Ask for essential information for your objective, and do not forget to clarify what the visitor will gain by filling out this form.


Several statistics support that we are in a golden age of SMS Marketing. However, for many, this channel has been overshadowed by WhatsApp and other messaging applications with a digital focus. For example, did you know that 90% of people open all messages on their cell phones within 3 minutes of receiving them? And that mobile message open rates are 97%, compared to just 22% for email?