Even Gucci bag Italian luxury goods group is not exempt from copies and counterfeits. Therefore, it is very important to consider certain factors when buying one of their bags. When purchasing luxury items, paying close attention to the details that make the difference between an original bag and an imitation is essential because it is possible to be sold a fake at a high price.

Some Factors to Know if a Gucci Bag is Original

The Seams of the Bag

The seams are the first detail to consider when buying a bag from an Italian house. Gucci bags are made with perfect stitching, the same size and attention to point. If you see any damage to the seams, the bag is a fake.

The Quality of the Skin

The Quality Of The Skin

As we have previously mentioned, Gucci is one of the most reputable luxury brands globally, which means that all of its items, including bags, are made with quality materials.

The bags of this brand are made of genuine and high-quality leather. So, if the bag you bought is not made of leather or you find the material is of questionable quality, it is an imitation bag.

Closures, Zippers and Rings

Experts in luxury brands know a straightforward trick to tell if a Gucci bag is authentic. First, they check that the closure handles and rings of the bag bear the brand’s letters; if so, it means that it is an original bag.

The Gucci Logo

One of the most recognizable symbols of the brand is its logo, a double G. Like another significant luxury brand, Louis Vuitton, Gucci uses its logo on many of its items.

To know if it is an original bag or a fake, you have to look at three factors: that the logo is a double “GG” since the fakes, in most cases, have the letter C; that the emblem is evenly distributed on the bag and that there are no minor errors.

Made in Italy

Another way to tell if a Gucci bag is original is to check if the item was made in Italy. All of the company’s bags are made in Italy, so this must be indicated on the label.

If you don’t want to buy an imitation bag, avoid buying a bag that has the label “Made in China”, “Made in Turkey”, “Made in India”, or in a country other than Italy. The title of the brand’s original bags features a serial number on one side and the ® symbol along with the Gucci logo on the other side.

Information Brochure

Gucci pays attention to every detail related to its clothes and items. For this reason, when buying a bag, the brand usually provides an information leaflet about its characteristics.

Authenticity or Control Card

All Gucci branded items must pass quality control after manufacturing and before the sale. The authenticity card or Contralto confirms that the bags have passed this quality control.

To give you an idea of ​​an authenticity or control card, it has the brand name at the top, centred and with the brand’s typography and spacing. So, for example, below the mark is the word “contralto”, and below it is a series of numbers.

The Price

The price is a good indicator of whether a Gucci bag is original. Even if the item is second-hand and low cost, the bag is likely a fake. Although not a new accessory, it is still a luxury item.

Attention to Detail

The little details make the change, so you need to pay close attention to them.

For example, all bags from Italian brands come in a dust bag. Indeed, the imitations can also come with a bag, but in the case of the original bags, it is black or brown with the Gucci logo in gold and a drawstring with the brand’s drawing.

One way to tell if a Gucci bag is original is to compare the load you are considering buying to an original photo that you can find online. Then, analyze all the details and verify that they are included in both bags.

Show off your Original Gucci Bag

These are some factors to consider when you want to know if a Gucci bag is genuine, but the best advice we can give you is to always buy luxury items from trusted stores.

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Gucci is a renowned name in luxury leather goods, fashion, watches and jewellery. The dynamism, creativity, artistic aesthetic and detailing in its products represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship.