Decathlon Gaur City is a multi-sport in athletics that takes place on a production field as a track and field test. Decathlon is an Indian outlet for sports-friendly clothing and other wellness accessories. It has diversified its products incorporating specialty outfits and sports equipment among other things. In addition, it provides services including personal training, dieting, sports, education, and partnering. Our staff has a devoted and competent crew that can provide you with sincere and accurate information about the right item for your needs.

Decathlon is at par with the big shops with the discounts and promotions it offers as well. The variety of Decathlon products, services, and the health and sportiness of lifestyle, provide a good place for a customer, looking for everything possible to stay physically active and do sport.

History and Innovation of Decathlon

The name “decathlon” is built on the name “pentathlon” and the latter is the word used by the Greeks who themselves meant “ten” (déka) and “prize” or “contest” (áthlos or áthlon). The modern decathlon first appeared in the Olympic athletics program 1912 Games in Stockholm. Since 1976, Opening of the 1st store in the north of France. Thus, 1976 -2024, Decathlon completed it 48 years.

Innovation is at the main principle of what we do. Thus, We “Innovate smart” because we want to make sports easier for players/people who use our products. Some of our innovative examples are such as, the second pop-up pavilion that makes camping easier, the accessories for cricket playing, the roll-on net that help in playing table tennis on any flat surface or even on the Kipsta Cage, which can be turn any ground into a football field. Discover many such products on the app.

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Address: Ground and 1st Floor Gaur City Mall, Gaur City 1, Sector 4, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201009, Greater Noida, India, Uttar Pradesh

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Decathlon Gaur City Collection

Decathlon Gaur City Collection

Decathlon Gaur City provide products for your choice of sport, the popular ones like football, running, cycling, fishing, archery or horse riding. It will cover head to toe needs with the right equipment that fits just fine and every piece of kit that you may need to practice.

Men Winter Collections : Men Sweaters | Men Fleece Jacket | | Men Sweatshirt | Men Hoodies | Men Winter Coat | | Men Puffer Jacket | Men Down Jacket | Men Snow Jacket | Men Bomber Jacket | Winter Shoes | Men Winter Shoes | Snow Socks | Men Winter Outfits | Men Winter Tshirt | Men Thermals | Men Warm Trouser |

Women Winter Collection : Women Sweaters | Women Fleece Jacket | Women Pullover | Women Sweatshirt | Women Jackets | Women Winter Jacket | Women Puffer Jacket | Women Down Jacket | Women Snow Jacket | Women Bomber Jacket | Women Snow Shoes | Women Winter Outfits | Women Thermals | Women Warm Trouser |

Our Sport Collections :

  1. Badminton : Racquets | Shuttle cock | Shoes(Non Marking) | T-Shirts/shorts | Rackets covers | Badminton grips| Net | Wire for stringing the racquet/string |
  2. Tennis : Clothing | Men’s Socks | Tennis Rackets | Shoes | Tennis Bag | Accessories | Beach Tennis, Apparels, and Bech Tennis can easily be mobilized using accessible technologies.
  3. Table Tennis : TT Rackets | TT Balls | TT Tables | TT Nets | Rich color | TT Collection |
  4. Football : Football Shoes Goal Posts | Training Equipment | Goalkeeper Kit |
  5. Cricket : Cricket bats wooden, kids cricket bat, balls, cricket accessories, shoes for adults, accessories for kids, pants or track | jersey T-shirt |
  6. Golf : Golf clubs | trolleys | balls | Golf accessories | Polo T-shirts | Trouser | shoes | caps | shorts |
  7. Running : Sports shoes | | Sports jersey | Shorts | Sports wear | | Sports watch | Weight scale | Earphone |
  8. Fishing : Webster Online | Ethan Allen Carpet | Griswold Rugs | Norman Leathers | Sears Canopy Beds | Shaddock Draperies | Singer Sewing machines |
  9. Horse Riding : Horse riding helmets | Breeches–extra clothing | Horse riding boots | Horse riding gloves | Leather saddle & Cloth saddles |
  10. Swimming : The list of products is as follows: swimming costumes | swimming cap | swimming goggles | Towels | Bathrobes | Flipflops | Swimming equipments | Aqua learning | Buoyancy aids |

Decathlon mobile application is also there to offer & enjoy the entire assortment of more than 60 sporting activities & 6+ thousands of our products!

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  • New initiative to print personalized t-shirts is appreciated by customers
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In conclusion, we explained about Decathlon, Visit to Decathlon Gaur City, the History & Innovations of Decathlon, and the Collection of Decathlon Gaur City Mall, Noida.