Christmas Card – Thinking of sending  couples  Christmas cards this year but don’t know where to start? Whether it’s where to find them, what to put in them, when to send them, who to send them to, or what kind of image to put on your Christmas cards, let’s talk about how to get some Christmas cheer in the mail this year to send! And I’ve included some sample cards from Minted!

Are you looking for Christmas Card ideas for couples?

When I was younger, fresh out of college and law school for most of my 20s, I never sent Christmas cards, and I wasn’t sure who to send them to and, perhaps most frustratingly, had no idea how to dress them since we had no kids and no pets, the only two things on people’s minds. So they were interested!

When I was in my twenties, I received a few vacation cards from coworkers, family, college and law school friends, etc., that I felt terrible about not returning. I was always delighted when I received a Christmas card in the mail or landed on my desk at work but didn’t return it. And I was beginning to suspect that if I didn’t send my share of the animal Christmas cards soon, they wouldn’t come.

I eventually took the plunge and started sending Christmas cards from just my husband and me. I enjoy it so much every year! Now I’m excited to find out when I can start researching and buying my annual Christmas cards, and it’s finally time to start this year! Let’s discuss some easy tips and tricks for making your cards this year!

What image should I use?

The biggest obstacle that prevented me from sending Christmas cards was my inability to choose the “right” picture of us.

Until I finally took the most crucial leap: photos of you as a couple (can, but) don’t have to be the focus of a Christmas card. Friends and family want to know what’s been going on with you over the last year and being included on your Christmas card list. Christmas messages don’t have to be conveyed through a traditional “Christmas card” image.

If you can’t or don’t want to display a good photo of yourself this year, go for the postcard format. You can use an embossed design on the front and put your small image on the back (or not). The small print on the back is *perfect* for dogs and cats if you’re lucky enough to have one!

Christmas cards for newlyweds

Minted even has a wide range of newlywed Christmas cards if you’re newlyweds and want something to do with all those wedding photos.

Our first Christmas card, which I liked, had a postcard-sized change of address on the front as we had just moved and didn’t have a photo with us.

What should I write in a Christmas card from a couple?

While I never run out of things to say, I like to keep things simple regarding a couple’s Christmas card. That’s why I like the already mentioned postcard style. Next to “Happy Holidays!” Minimal vocabulary is required. And your name. If you want to say more, focus on the significant events: new jobs, homes, and pets!

And if you have nothing to say, Minted will reformat the card so there’s no ample blank space asking for text.

Who should I send Christmas cards to?

Family, friends, college buddies, coworkers (you can leave them on desks if you don’t want to mess with addresses), and even ex-colleagues (this is one of my favourites). I regularly send cards to people who don’t correspond with me, but they often tell me how much they appreciate receiving them! Maybe I should refer you to this blog post