www santhwanam serial com – Santhwanam is a Malayalam language soap opera aired on 21 September 2020 on Asianet. The serial is about Balakrishnan and his wife, Sridevi, sacrificing a lot to raise his brothers Hari, Shiva, and Kannan. Rajeev Parameshwar, Chippy Renjith, Girish Nambiar, and Raksha Raj play the main roles. Below is the Santhwanam serial cast, story, real names, timings, and everything related to this Asianet Show.
Name: Santhwanam
Language: Malayalam
Channel: Asianet
Genre: Soap Opera Drama

Santhwanam Serial Cast

Rajeev Parameshwar is the male lead in the serial, and his character’s name is Balakrishnan. Chippy Renjith as Sreedevi Balakrishnan and Girish Nambiar as Harikrishnan are also in vital roles. Girija Preman, Yathikumar, Bijesh Avanoor and Divya Binu are the recurring cast. Here is the complete cast of the Santhwanam serial.

Santhwanam Serial Star Cast (Main Cast)

Rajeev Parameshwar as Balakrishnan
Chippy Renjith as Sreedevi Balakrishnan
Girish Nambiar as Harikrishnan
Raksha Raj as Aparna Harikrishnan
Sajin TP as Shivaramakrishnan
Gopika Anil as Anjali Shivaramakrishnan
Achu Sugandh as Muralikrishnan
Manjusha Martin as Aishwarya Gopinadhan

Santhwanam Serial Recurring Cast

Girija Preman (Lakshmi Krishnan)
Yathikumar (Shivashankaran)
Bijesh Avanoor (Sethu)
Divya Binu (Malikapurackal Savithri Shivashankaran)
Apsara (Jayanthi Sethu)
Kailas Nath (Narayana Pillai)
Saji Surya (Shathrudharan Pillai)
Rohit Ved (Rajasekharan Thampi)
Rajamauli SS (Mahindran)
Mohan Ayroor (Bhadran)
Dr. Nita Gosh (Hemambika Rajashekaran)
Aju Thomas (Varun Bhadran)
Pramod Mani (Abhishek)
Sajan Chandran (Gopinadhan)
Sindhu Manu Varma (Sudha)
Deepika Mohan (Lalitha)
Hareendran (Rahul)
Shilpa Shaji (Malu)
Renjith Renju (Sumesh)
Geetha Nair (Subhadra)
Zeenath (Rajeshwari)
Saritha Balakrishnan (Rajalakshmi)
Kalyani (Amritha Thampi)
Prabha R Krishnan (Vanaja)
J Padmanabhan Thampi (Thomachan)
Mithun Mk (Aneesh)
Sreelakshmi Sreekumar (Jancy)
Liju Mathew Abra

ham (Deepu)


Producer: Chippy Renjith
Directed by: Aadithyan
Writing Credits: J. Pallassery
Editing by: Pradeep Bhagvath
Cinematography by: Manoj Narayan, Alex U. Thomas
Music Department: Saanand George
Production House: Rejaputra Visual Media, Avanthika creations

www santhwanam serial com – Storyline

The plot revolves around the life of a happy family. Sridevi is the leading lady in the house who does everything and changes everything positively. Her struggles and efforts to keep the family happy forms the story.
Santhwanam cast includes Chippy Renjith and Gireesh Nambiar in the lead. The significant stars have given their best performances and look brilliant on screen. The model was selected through strict auditions and tracked the record of past acting projects. The Telecast time of the show is not yet announced.
Balakrishnan and his wife Sridevi sacrifice a lot to raise his brothers Hari, Shiva, and Kannan. His sickly mother, three big brothers, their wives, and a pampered little brother Kannan. They stay in a big joint family that stands together against all problematic situations. However, after his brother’s marriage, the family is soon pushed to face various frictions. The major problems that haunt the family include day-to-day financial crises.

The Sad News For Santhwanam Serial Fans Is That The Shooting Of The Series Has Stopped

Consolation is a series that airs on Asianet. The series has been at the forefront of ratings since day one. The series tells the story of a husband and wife who love their husband’s brothers as if they were their own children. Chippy plays the central character in the series. The series is directed by Ranjith, Chippy’s husband, and produced by Chippy himself. The main attraction of this series is that it does not have the abusive or aunty-mother-daughter quarrels seen in regular series. But now fans of the series are all in trouble. After the series ended last day, it was written on television that the shooting of the series would be stopped until further notice.
That is what frustrated the players. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan had yesterday said that serial and film shooting should be stopped as the second wave of Kovid is intensifying. It was only after this that the line-up of the series announced that the series would no longer air until further notice that the shooting of the series had stopped and that we would be back in your living room soon. In this particular case of the Kovid expansion, your favourite series, Comfort, will not be airing in the next few days. Soon after the series ended, it was written that the series ‘Comfort’ would be back in your living room.

Santhwanam’s New Take On Family Drama And Politics

A great common family that rises against all odds, a house where all the inmates have the same possibilities of happiness. This is the story of Santhwanam Veedu, with a sick mother, three older brothers, his wives and a pampered younger brother. It features an almost psychotic father of one of the family wives named Thampi and two family relatives who are always busy gossiping. The main problems that plague the family include the daily financial problems, the vendetta that Thampi has against them and the courage of the marriage between the two young brothers.
Santhwanam has all the trappings of old-time entertainment. Women obey men without asking questions. They rarely question the limits of their freedom. Even if their parents are sick, they have to ask their husband’s permission to take care of them. There is not a single woman working on the show as of yet, and the show occasionally throws in words of wisdom like adakkam and odukham. The rivals are so typical and unreasonably evil that it’s almost comical. All this gives the feeling that the Santhwanam series is actually an old Malayalam romance movie.

Santhwanam is a Realistic Story.

Although the antagonists like Thampi Mothalali seem unreal, they are present in society. For context, Thampi Mothalali is the angry father of a young girl who ran away with one of the brothers from the show’s nominal family. He tries very hard to wreak chaos on his daughter’s new family. He even tries to murder the brothers. All this to avenge the honour of him despised of him. Are honour killings rare in our society? Are parents who reject their children for those they love rare in our society? Absolutely not. Remember the Kevin murder case?
Slanderous old women are also not so rare. This brings us to the secondary antagonists of the series, the evil ammayiamma Savithri and the evil nathoon Jayanthi. However, this time it is the in-laws of the men in the story and not the women. His goal is to tarnish the family legacy and his motive is pure and unequivocal jealousy. Once again, I would like to ask the same question. Are jealous parents stepping in when they’re not supposed to be unrealistic? Definitely not, that’s where the whole ayalathe ammayi stereotype comes from.

The Theme Of The Ideal Patriarchy

One of the main problems with Santhwanam is that its setting is too perfect. While the events of the story incline to be realistic, the way Santhwanam deals with the patriarchal system is idealistic. The show tries to depict a state where the patriarchy behaves ideally, where it’s just a family hierarchy system that leaves everyone in the family satisfied with their roles. In this system, everything works perfectly and people are happy. The problems featured on the show rarely have lasting consequences and are easily overlooked as minor bumps in the road. Unfortunately, that never happens in real life. In real life, the patriarchy is corrosive. It is so bad for women that it is responsible for almost all the premature deaths of women in India.

www santhwanam serial com – Serial Timing & Repeat Telecast Timing

The Santhwanam serial’s first episode was released on 21 September 2020 on Asianet. It is one of the longest-running soap operas & now it is Announced at 7:00 pm from Monday to Saturday and is also available on the Disney+ Hotstar OTT platform.
Channel: Malayalam
Show Timings: Monday to Saturday at 7:00 pm
Repeat Telecast Time: Yet to be updated
Running Time: 22 minutes
Starting Date: 21 September 2020
Final Episode: Ongoing


www santhwanam serial com – Santhwanam is a Malayalam drama serial from Asianet. It is yet another emotionally-driven serial with lots of scope for family and relationships. The show is available on Hotstar to watch online. It is the Malayalam remake of the serial Pandian Stores.
Swanthanam is one of the most popular daily soaps in Malayalam. Directed by Aadithyan and it stars Rajeev Parameshwar, Chippy Renjith, Girish Nambiar, Raksha Raj, Sajin TP and Gopika Anil in significant roles. It is considered one of the most-watched serials in Malayalam which highlights the themes like women empowerment, domestic abuse and patriarchal ideas. It is telecasted from Monday to Friday from 7. pm to 7.30 pm.