hh3dhay com In the West, Chinese cinema is generally assimilated to simple martial arts films, some very good, others with a much less elaborate script… However, you should know that this one benefits from a great diversity of genres ( dramatic films, history films, auteur films, etc., very often carried by talented actors.     hh3dhay com Few people in the Western world know the actual movie stars in China. However, some enjoy real popularity with the Chinese (and Chinese). Here is a small overview of the greatest actors recognized for their talent, personality and career.

15 Famous Movie Actors in China - hh3dhay com

Jet Li Kung Fu Actor

Inescapable star of Kung Fu, Jet Li is an actor recognized worldwide. His popularity makes him one of China’s most incredible pride. hh3dhay com His first steps in the Shaolin Temple series immediately forced him to the front of the stage and revealed his talents in the eyes of China. He is now a famous actor worldwide and is granted essential roles with the greatest of Hollywood.

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Jackie Chan Kung Fu Actor

A great actor in Kung Fu films, action scene choreographer, director, producer and even screenwriter, Jackie Chan is now a personality in his own right. hh3dhay com He quickly stands out with his original style, combining humour and acrobatics, and becomes an international superstar like Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee Martial Arts Cinema

Presented as the greatest martial arts master in 20th-century world cinema, Bruce Lee has become an icon in Hong Kong and worldwide. hh3dhay com He is a reference for many Chinese actors such as Jackie Chan or Jet Li and foreign martial arts actors like Jean-Claude Van Damme or Chuck Norris. Bruce Lee is now a legend of martial arts cinema.

Chen Kun A young Chinese film actor

Young Chinese actor and singer Chen Kun mainly played on the small screen. Nevertheless, he got a few roles in big films such as Balzac, making him one of the hottest actors. hh3dhay com Chen Kun quickly became the icon of the new generation of Chinese artists.

Andy Lau a Chinese Actor

His career started with multiple roles in television series. His title of best actor at the Hong Kong Film Awards in 2000 for his role in Running Out of Time confirms his talent. hh3dhay com Hong Kong actor but also singer, the genius of Andy Lau is recognized throughout China.

Ge You Film Actor in China

Ge You is a trendy film actor in China for his numerous appearances in successful films. He is highly appreciated by director Feng Xiaogang, who often works with him on typical Chinese films. In 1994, Ge You received the finest actor award at Cannes Film Festival for his role in Vivre. However, he remains very little known to the Western world while his reputation grows with the Chinese public.

Jiang Wen A franco-Chinese actor

A very great actor-director, Jiang Wen has the distinction of being Franco-Chinese. His performances in the television series A Beijinger in New York quickly launched his acting career. He quickly becomes a reference as a Chinese actor. In the West, Jiang Wen is famous thanks to the film Le Sorghum Rouge in which he plays alongside Gong Li. hh3dhay com   His passion for cinema pushed him towards directing, starting with his first film, In Heat of the Sun, in 1994.

Wang Xueqi Chinese film actor

A famous Chinese actor with a career of more than 25 years, Wang Xueqi, is recognized in China as a character actor. He is greatest known for his roles in many historical films. hh3dhay com Wang Xueqi also directed the film Sun Bird alongside screenwriter Yang Liping, which won a Special Grand Jury Prize at the Montreal Film Festival.

Huang Xiaoming Chinese actor, singer and model

Huang Xiaoming is a young Chinese actor, singer and model. Currently, he is often referred to as the teen idol. The series Da Han Tian Zi, which was very successful in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, revealed the young actor in 2001. It was in 2007 that Huang Xiaoming began his film career with appearances in films like The Sniper, The Message and Ip Man 2. In 2010, he became the first Chinese actor to appear in a Taiwanese drama series.

Sun Honglei One of the best actors in China

Considered one of the best Chinese actors of his generation, Sun Honglei made a name for himself with his first role in a TV movie. His acting skills quickly made him recognized, winning several Best Actor awards.

Hu Jun Chinese actor

Known mainly for his dramatic roles in films or television series, Hu Jun became popular with the film East Palace for which he received the Best Actor award at the Taormina Festival in Italy. Subsequently, he was given many dramatic roles, including one in which he played a homosexual character. This role allows him to obtain notoriety beyond the Chinese borders.

Tony Leung Chiu Wai essential actor in Chinese cinema

With more than 60 films to his credit, Tony Leung Chui Wai is a critical player in Chinese cinema. He unveiled himself in the action film All Inclusive in 1992 and became one of his generation’s best Hong Kong actors. hh3dhay com Later, he won the Finest Actor award at the Cannes Movie Festival for the film In Mood for Love.

Gordon Liu Icon of Chinese cinema

Icon of Hong Kong martial arts cinema, Gordon Liu, is famous for his first role in The 36th Chamber of Shaolin. He also starred in both volumes of Kill Bill, making him an internationally renowned actor.

Stephen Chow Chinese comedian and actor

Famous throughout Asia, Stephen Chow has established himself as a humorous reference in Hong Kong and China. He is versatile, an actor, screenwriter, director and producer simultaneously. hh3dhay com In comedy and parody, he excels by imposing his humour and often absurd dialogues, like his film Shaolin Soccer.

Donnie Yen China’s Greatest Martial Arts Film Actor

At 21, he landed his first film role in Drunken Tai Chi. A martial arts expert, he took advantage of Jet Li’s withdrawal to establish himself in Hong Kong. He will then chain the successes with his collaborator Willson Yip. His career will explode with his interpretation in the Ip Man thread, recognized as one of the best martial arts films, in which he plays the main character. hh3dhay com This list has been compiled to make you discover a tiny part of the cinematographic universe of China of incredible richness and diversity. These actors are very famous and are the pride of China.

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