Cronología De Club De Fútbol Pachuca Contra Club De Fútbol Monterrey – One of the most anticipated games of the Liga MX Femenil, now in its semifinals, is the duel between Tuzas del Pachuca and Rayadas de Monterrey. Both teams have advanced into the quarterfinals and won the second leg, so they are eager to play.

At the Hidalgo Stadium on Thursday, Pachuca defeated Monterrey 5-2 in the first leg of the Apertura 2022 Liguilla semifinals.

The second leg will take place at BBVA Stadium on Sunday.

The second leg will take place at BBVA Stadium on Sunday.

Monterrey must win by three goals to tie the overall score and go to the final because they are ranked first in the regular phase classification table. Rayados came in second, and Tuzos was fourth.

Still, Pachuca would benefit from any win or draw, even if it was a two-goal loss.

For the fans of the beautiful airosa, Nico Ibáñez was the match’s MVP after scoring his first hat-trick in the Liga MX.

The game was completed in a hurry. Pachuca took the lead twice in the first half, but Monterrey responded by tying the score each time.

The pivotal moment it occurred at 77′ when Tuzos was up again (3-2). Unexpectedly, Hidalgo’s Óscar Ustari, the goalkeeper, gave Jesús Gallardo a hard tackle on the area’s baseline. The whistler had scored a penalty, putting the royals up. Rogelio Funes Mori of the Mexican team could not complete the charge, but Ustari made the save.

After getting out of a three-goal deadlock, Pachuca defeated Monterrey and added two more goals.

An overview of Pachuca versus Monterey

An overview of Pachuca versus Monterey

In the first leg of the semifinals of the Apertura 2022 Liguilla, Pachuca defeats Monterrey 5-2.

  • Minute 90+2: Pachuca’s objective! Esteban Andrada blocks Mauricio Isais’s shot, but Nico Ibáñez grabs the rebound to finish with a hat-trick and make it 5-2.
  • Minute 90+1: Roberto de la Rosa and Javier Chofis López (Pachuca) set up back-to-back goal opportunities.
  • Minute 90: Ten minutes will be added in replacement.
  • Minute 89: Roberto de la Rosa and Javier Chofis Lopez (Pachuca) create consecutive scoring opportunities.
  • Goal by Pachuca in minute 86! Tuzos wins 4-2. Nico Ibáñez takes the penalty.
  • Minute 83: The Penalty of Pachuca! Celso Ortiz slides in at full speed from the right side and knocks Érick Sánchez to the ground. After conducting a VAR review, it was determined that Sánchez did not purposely fall, and the maximum punishment was maintained.
  • In minute 82, the Monterrey penalty is missed! Oscar Ustari acts quickly, swerving to his right to block the shot and save Rogelio Funes Mori from receiving the maximum punishment.
  • At minute 77, Monterrey has a penalty and is up! Óscar Ustari appeared to have the ball out of bounds, but he made an enigmatic, powerful tackle on Jesús Gallardo on the area’s baseline.
  • Minute 74: Monterrey’s rescue! Luis Chávez attempts a long-range shot but misses the right post; the play injures Esteban Andrada.
  • After the self-pass, Rogelio Funes Mori (Monterrey) enters the area with purpose at minute 71. He fires a shot, barely reaching the outside, but something invalidates everything.

The following are the confirmed lineups for Pachuca vs. Monterey

The following are the confirmed lineups for Pachuca vs. Monterey

[20:23 CDMX]. The last time Monterrey and Pachuca faced off in a Liguilla was in the Clausura 2016 final. Los Tuzos won with a final score of 2-1.

Pachuca is greeted with a warm reception by the Hidalgo Stadium supporters at 19:35 CDMX.

From Hidalgo Stadium, greetings! Monterrey visits Pachuca in the semifinal of the 2022 Apertura Liguilla.

Monterrey’s likely position

Mauricio Isais, Kevin Álvarez, Ñscar Murillo, Érick Sánchez, Luis Chávez Avilés Hurtado, Oscar Ustari, Romario Ibarra, and Nicolás Ibáñez.

Most likely, Pachuca is positioned.

Esteban Andrada, along with Rodrigo Aguirre, Germán Berterame, Luis Romo, Celso Ortiz, Arturo González, Jesús Gallardo, Héctor Moreno, César Montes, and Stefan Medina.

The Liga MX Femenil semifinal schedule for 2023’s first leg

The opening leg between Pachuca and Monterrey is anticipated to start at 9:00 p.m. central Mexican time.

How can I watch the live Pachuca vs. Femenil match on the internet and television?

Cronología De Club De Fútbol Pachuca Contra Club De Fútbol Monterrey

The semifinal between Pachuca and Monterrey Femenil will air on FOX Sports. Fans can access the FOX Sports channel on their cable provider to watch the game on television. Fans can watch the game live from any internet-connected device by visiting FOX Sports Play, the network’s streaming service if they prefer to watch it online.

When are the return matches for the Liga MX Femenil 2023 Semifinals scheduled?

The exciting fight between the Tuzas del Pachuca and the Rayadas de Monterrey will occur again on Monday, May 29, at 9:00 p.m. The Rayadas’ home stadium, BBVA Bancomer Stadium, will host the team selection that advances to the Liga MX Femenil grand final. It’s also important to remember that Tigres and América will play their second leg of the semifinal on Monday, May 29, at 7:00 p.m.

Key points

  • Pachuca scored over 2.5 goals in six of its previous eight games, and Montagrey averaged 2.7 overall in its seven home games. He has averaged 2.7 points overall for the season.
  • In each of the previous games between these two clubs, more than 2.5 goals were scored.
  • Montgomery enters the game, having won five of the last seven games played at home (W5 and D2) and four of the previous five rounds.
  • Pachuca has fallen to América and is winless in two of its last three games; they have triumphed over Pachuca in five of their previous six home games.

In Guadeloupe, an equal duel

At the BBVA Stadium in Guadalupe, Nuevo León, Monterrey, which finished second in the Liga MX Apertura 2022, faces Pachuca, which finished third. Being two of the top four scorers in the competition, these teams have advanced thus far because of their dedication to attacking football.

We forecast that they will score more than 2.5 goals if we add to this data the fact that the locals average more than 2.5 goals when they play at home—a statistic repeated in six of the previous eight Pachuca league games.

Furthermore, our prediction indicates that Monterrey will ultimately prevail despite our forecast of a tie. The group captained by Víctor Manuel Vucetich has won five straight domestic games; they are unbeaten at home and have defeated the Tuzos in five of their previous six meetings.

Furthermore, in 2017, Apertura, Guillermo Almada’s team lost three games: two away from home and one against CF América, the team that.

In Liga MX, how are Rayados and Pachuca faring? Preview of the match

Cronología De Club De Fútbol Pachuca Contra Club De Fútbol Monterrey

After 11 games, the Rayados de Monterrey lead Liga MX by four units over their nearest rival. They can also brag about having Rogelio Funes Mori, the sub-leader in scoring. However, Víctor Manuel Vucetich likely starts him off the field to avoid his suspension for receiving too many yellow cards, which would have prevented him from playing in the legendary match against Tigres the following day.

The Northern team’s coach has stated unequivocally that the team’s goal is to win the championship and that they must stick to their game plan because “the teams compete to advance to the Final Phase, which makes the second stages of the tournaments more difficult.” We are clear that qualifying in the first four and going for the title is our primary goal,” he restated.

This is how the squad led by Guillermo Almada arrives.

Conversely, Pachuca recently met Motagua of Honduras in a Concacaf Champions League encounter, ending in a 0-0 draw. However, they demonstrated their strength in the Liga MX by defeating América 0-3. As a result, they confidently go to the match against Monterrey to square off against the overall leader, who has just six points in the table and is looking to close the gap.

When and where is the Rayadas vs. Pachuca Femenil match taking place?

This Friday, May 26, Pachuca and Monterrey will play the first leg of their Liga MX Femenil semifinal match at Hidalgo Stadium, home of the Tuzas. Both clubs will try to gain an advantage in the series in this stadium, which is in the city of Pachuca, Hidalgo.

The past and present outcomes of Pachuca – Monterrey

Cronología De Club De Fútbol Pachuca Contra Club De Fútbol Monterrey – The last time the Tuzo and Striped players saw each other was in the Apertura 2022 semifinals, where Pachuca defeated Monterrey 6-2 on aggregate. Because of this, the Monterrey team hopes to cheer up their supporters on Sunday; while it may not be the same as winning a Liguilla, it does help to ease the pain of that elimination. Monterrey’s most recent regular-date visit to Hidalgo ended in a 3-0 loss on April 23, 2022.

When is Rayados’ game today?

The match is set to take place at the Hidalgo stadium on Sunday, March 12, at 7:05 p.m.

Which channel is Pachuca vs. Rayados aired on?

Fox Sports will broadcast the tournament live.

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